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DEEP Hurting – Episode 11 – Lensman or Isaac Asimov was Insatiable

LIVE FROM ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA 2011!! Uh, Guy talks with fandumb legends Dave Merrill and Steve Harrison about Lensman, Pulp novels, Science Fiction, the Kardashians, and Isaac Asimov’s sexual prowess (while eating powdered donuts). Image Links: Steamline VHS Front Streamline … Continue reading

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DEEP Hurting – Episode 5 – Starship Troopers? More like Star Shit Poopers.

Sorry for the delay? No we’re not. Here’s our 5th episode. We talked about Starship Troopers, mainly the book and the movie. We didn’t bother with the Anime. Here’s an Image I found on a google search. Twat us on … Continue reading

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