So in the grand tradition of the Steel Curtain, the Dome Patrol, The Monsters of the Midway, & the Purple People Eaters, I decided to dub the 2013 Saints defense the Regulators.

So when I watch Saints games I have the TV muted and I listen to the local radio broadcast on WWL Radio (pause the a DVR for like 2 seconds and they sync up). They played the classic (well, only) Warren G hit song Regulate on one of their bumpers after a big defensive play or possession change.

Here’s an old music video to Regulate my friend made nearly a decade ago in college:

So it hit me like a GOLDEN BULLET, that this defense is pretty rad, we should call them something. Regulators. Because, they’re Regulating this game and they’re damn good too.

The historical documentary, Young Guns, 100% accurately describes what the regulators are. I mean, come on, EMILIO ESTEVEZ and Kenny Vacarro are pretty much the same guy!

It appears the Saints BLOGOSPHERE THINGY has caught on to my brilliant idea:

The Angry Who Dat Endorsement

Grandmaster Wang unleashes it to the collective unconscious.

Kevin aka @hakimdropsball pitches it on Da Chronic Podcast

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New Beginnings: Change in Direction: Or Life Has Finally Calmed Down Enough To Do Shit

So the podcast/blog/whatever has been dormant for a while. The past 2 years have been rather hectic. I got married, 4 months later got separated (Protip: Never marry a longtime friend and/or a girl you chased for 8 years). Last week I finally legally filed for divorce and later that week I went to the last event we attended as a couple, Rising Tide.

Rising Tide this year was an odd experience for me. It seemed to me that there was a lower attendance, less volunteers, and less excitement. I also found myself reflecting on last year’s break up. Every other conversation contained, “I don’t write all that much anymore.” All these factors put me in such a weird head-space the rest of the weekend, like Ian Curtis doing enough heroin to fuel the sun. I guess that metaphor makes sense.

Anyway, I think I should do more blogging and podcasting. I need a little more than just the twitters. I’ll use this site as my platform. I can start introducing myself as “that asshole from”

Topics of this site from now on will be, anything I feel like. FUCK RULES AND LABELS, MAN. More than likely It’ll be Japanese cartoons and the Saints, but maybe I’ll rant about Bobby Jindal being worse than a piece of shit or BORING I.T. SHIT (explosion) or tiny children singing adorable songs.

Spoilers: I’ll most likely won’t post again for another year.

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DEEP Hurting – Episode 012 – Pandas and Rhinos Are Assholes

Chris and I ramble for 17 minutes about:Image

Call of Cthulhu
Kids on the Slope
Lupin the 3rd: The woman called Fujiko Mine
Space Brothers
Polar Bear Cafe
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Mysterious Cities of Gold


Opening: HOT LITTLE PENIS (Computer Jesus Refrigerator) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Closing: A Castle Under Siege (Norrin Radd) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
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DEEP Hurting: Extra – A Call of Cthulhu RPG Video Presentation

Chris has been running a Call of Cthulhu game instead of recording the podcast with me. So, I recorded some stuff from last Thursday’s game on my porn delivery device smartphone.

I didn’t edit the video or anything, so, take it for what it is.

Part 1: (In Game) Half the Party go high on opium and went to bed. They were attacked and hilarity ensued.

Part 2: Louis and I’s characters were not high on opium, so we went to question a mysterious shopkeeper, then there was a fire, I left a child to die, and if that was not enough, even more hilarity ensued.

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Another Day, another Guest Spot

This time I made it over to Destroy All Podcasts DX

Jeremy and I reviewed the original Dororon Enma-kun from the 70’s.

We also opened up and talked about growing to school and stuff.

Podcasting is fun, I should start my own. Oh wait…..


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Guy(sometimes known as the almighty Superdeformed)’s Guest Spot on THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER PODCAST

I had no idea how much post production Paul Chapman did until now.

Anyway, Paul, Gerald, Daryl, his other brother Daryl, and myself reviewed Tango & Cash.

I’m pretty sure I zoned out several times thinking I was just listening to an episode.

DEEP Hurting will record one of these days, but Chris has been filling up our spare time with Call of Cthulhu™.


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DEEP Hurting – Episode 11 – Lensman or Isaac Asimov was Insatiable

LIVE FROM ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA 2011!! Uh, Guy talks with fandumb legends Dave Merrill and Steve Harrison about Lensman, Pulp novels, Science Fiction, the Kardashians, and Isaac Asimov’s sexual prowess (while eating powdered donuts).

Image Links:
Steamline VHS Front
Streamline VHS Back
Steve hiding behind fanart of him Guy drew


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