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DEEP Hurting – Episode 012 – Pandas and Rhinos Are Assholes

Chris and I ramble for 17 minutes about: Call of Cthulhu Kids on the Slope Lupin the 3rd: The woman called Fujiko Mine Space Brothers Polar Bear Cafe Science Legend of the Galactic Heroes France Mysterious Cities of Gold DOWNLOAD … Continue reading

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Another Day, another Guest Spot

This time I made it over to Destroy All Podcasts DX Jeremy and I reviewed the original Dororon Enma-kun from the 70’s. We also opened up and talked about growing to school and stuff. Podcasting is fun, I should start … Continue reading

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DEEP Hurting – Episode 11 – Lensman or Isaac Asimov was Insatiable

LIVE FROM ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA 2011!! Uh, Guy talks with fandumb legends Dave Merrill and Steve Harrison about Lensman, Pulp novels, Science Fiction, the Kardashians, and Isaac Asimov’s sexual prowess (while eating powdered donuts). Image Links: Steamline VHS Front Streamline … Continue reading

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DEEP Hurting – Episode 10 – The Patlabor OAV is awesome like Redline

We made it to episode 10! To celebrate we reviewed Patlabor (OAV episodes 1-3)! Slowly but surely we more forward “like a giant dildo crushing the sun.” DOWNLOAD Email: deephurtingpodcast (at) Google’s E-mail Service Twat us –!/deep_hurting Guy – … Continue reading

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Don’t buy the hype. Nothing. Will. Prepare. You.

What is a “weak” plot? What is a 2 dimensional character? What is required to tell a good story? Redline not only pushes the limits of the medium of Animation (Japanese or otherwise), but it makes one reconsider what is … Continue reading

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DEEP Hurting – Episode 8 – More Plausible than Religion

Back in the saddle again comes another action packed podcast full of joy and splendor, or something. This time we reviewed the OAVamatic Masterpiece JUDGE, a tale of consensual adult relations, white collar crime, and the demonic criminal justice system. … Continue reading

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DEEP Hurting – Episode 7 – EvanKaijion: Do you Remember Dezaki?

Finally, a new episode! YAY! We kinda rambled a bunch about Kaiji, the new Evangelion movies, and briefly mourned the death of Osamu Dezaki. I fucked up the source file in audacity so I cut a bunch of stuff. Now … Continue reading

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