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DEEP Hurting – Episode 10 – The Patlabor OAV is awesome like Redline

We made it to episode 10! To celebrate we reviewed Patlabor (OAV episodes 1-3)! Slowly but surely we more forward “like a giant dildo crushing the sun.” DOWNLOAD Email: deephurtingpodcast (at) Google’s E-mail Service Twat us –!/deep_hurting Guy – … Continue reading

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Don’t buy the hype. Nothing. Will. Prepare. You.

What is a “weak” plot? What is a 2 dimensional character? What is required to tell a good story? Redline not only pushes the limits of the medium of Animation (Japanese or otherwise), but it makes one reconsider what is … Continue reading

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DEEP Hurting – Episode 9 – EVERYTHING should be Cyber City Oedo 808

Guy, Chris, and Caleb talk about Cyber City Oedo 808 and go off on a tangent about Devilman. Guy forgot to turn off the ceiling fan. DOWNLOAD

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DEEP Hurting – Episode 8 – More Plausible than Religion

Back in the saddle again comes another action packed podcast full of joy and splendor, or something. This time we reviewed the OAVamatic Masterpiece JUDGE, a tale of consensual adult relations, white collar crime, and the demonic criminal justice system. … Continue reading

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Change is a Coming

Yay, now I can post with my old WordPress username. I guess I better add Chris. I might post some stuff other than the podcast up in here. Who knows? I definitely need to make a better theme. Sorry for … Continue reading

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