New Beginnings: Change in Direction: Or Life Has Finally Calmed Down Enough To Do Shit

So the podcast/blog/whatever has been dormant for a while. The past 2 years have been rather hectic. I got married, 4 months later got separated (Protip: Never marry a longtime friend and/or a girl you chased for 8 years). Last week I finally legally filed for divorce and later that week I went to the last event we attended as a couple, Rising Tide.

Rising Tide this year was an odd experience for me. It seemed to me that there was a lower attendance, less volunteers, and less excitement. I also found myself reflecting on last year’s break up. Every other conversation contained, “I don’t write all that much anymore.” All these factors put me in such a weird head-space the rest of the weekend, like Ian Curtis doing enough heroin to fuel the sun. I guess that metaphor makes sense.

Anyway, I think I should do more blogging and podcasting. I need a little more than just the twitters. I’ll use this site as my platform. I can start introducing myself as “that asshole from”

Topics of this site from now on will be, anything I feel like. FUCK RULES AND LABELS, MAN. More than likely It’ll be Japanese cartoons and the Saints, but maybe I’ll rant about Bobby Jindal being worse than a piece of shit or BORING I.T. SHIT (explosion) or tiny children singing adorable songs.

Spoilers: I’ll most likely won’t post again for another year.

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1 Response to New Beginnings: Change in Direction: Or Life Has Finally Calmed Down Enough To Do Shit

  1. ZeonicFreak says:

    You should totally do an episode on something, and I will gladly listen.

    Sorry to hear about the marriage not working out, but I wish you the best man.

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